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John Pryor’s Steps to Increase Lateral Movement in Rugby

lateral movementIncreasing and maximizing lateral speed on the rugby field is of critical importance especially when it involves movements such as ruck as well as goal line defense movements. All good rugby players know the importance of goal line defense movements. Cutting and side stepping are also very important movements when paying rugby.

Both strength and power must be utilized to the fullest where rugby is concerned. John Pryor Rugby training sessions/programs all focus on increasing endurance and overall strength. Plane exercises have been used in order to test rugby players and some of the results of these tests were quite interesting to say the least.

Vertical jumps and depth jumps were two of the main exercises used when testing professional rugby players. Reactive ability as well as maximum strength were two of the important elements being tested during rugby exercises.

Upon completion of these important exercises it was found that there was no real significant relationship between the speed lateral test and the CMJ. In addition, plane jumps and squatting shared many of the same properties where movement was concerned. Squatting and plane jumps seemed to be the most effective exercises when testing overall lateral movement as well as endurance.

Therefore, maximizing performance in power type movements is the best way to increase overall power and strength with specific rugby movements. You must have better than average reflexes when playing rugby. In addition, muscle and movements speeds are of critical importance to any rugby player looking for a professional career within the sport.

If you are seeking to increase all areas of performance while playing rugby you must tailor your training exercises more closely to any rugby pattern in which you are seeking to improve. Therefore, jump and shuffle movement exercises could be quite beneficial when attempting to improve movement and jump speed while on the playing field.

Regular exercise routines that target direction, force, contact time and muscle stretching would all prove beneficial for a rugby player especially when attempting to make it to the pros. Keep in mind, strength seems to be key in laying a foundation for success while playing rugby.

There are a variety of strength and endurance exercises that rugby players can do on a regular basis. A few minutes of exercise a day can make all the difference in the world where rugby is concerned.

Is It Necessary to Take Supplements to Maintain or Improve Health?

Nutritional supplements are at the heart of a major industry aimed at improving the overall health and wellness of people who exercise regularly right alongside those who rarely exercise at all –- regardless of whether that is a personal choice or simply the result of some other issue. The idea that nutritional supplements are not just capable of maintaining health but also can assist in improving health to a degree that would not otherwise be possible, however, is not as universally accepted as many might believe.

To be clear, vitamins and other nutritional supplements are indeed capable of improving health by filling in the gaps that are lacking in a person’s regular diet. In many ways, supplementation is similar to the use of the services provided by One Stop Maintenance, with it being clear that these services are highly beneficial. Many individuals experience difficulty processing certain vitamins or have allergies that either directly or indirectly result in a deficiency, making it necessary to use supplementation to ensure that overall health is maintained. For others who do not have to deal with these specific issues, however, it is entirely possible for all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to be introduced through a focused and comprehensive dietary approach.

Like the services provided by 1 Stop Maintenance, getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals through a holistic approach to diet is the most efficient method for maintaining and improving overall health and wellness. This does not mean that supplementation is unnecessary or that there is something negative about using supplements. Instead, it is simply the case that it is preferable to get vitamins and minerals through diet rather than through supplementation, but it is perfectly acceptable to utilize supplements if it is not possible to get those vitamins and minerals through diet.