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Empowering Women Through Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

One of the most significant parts of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is the positive effect which can be seen in the lives of women who undergo specific treatments in a bid to change their bodies and improve their own self-esteem. One of the cosmetic surgeons of the U.S. who has been seeking new ways of empowering women for future success is Dr. Usha Rajagopal, one of the main surgeons of the San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center which has played a major role in improving the self-esteem of women from across California and the nation as a whole.

Removing what we all feel to be imperfections is one of the most important parts of improving the self-confidence and self-esteem of the individual for the long-term. One of the main areas of concern for many women is their body when they have had children and feel their body has been changed forever. Dr. Usha Rajagopal is an expert in completing surgical procedures on the face, breasts, and body of women who she looks to help for the future with a range of procedures developed to assist with the self-esteem of women throughout the U.S.

Breast augmentation procedures are among the most common and can have an impressive effect on the life of a woman who has undergone a single or series of surgical procedures in a bid to change her body and improve her self-confidence. The sex life of those who have been through a breast augmentation can go through a positive improvement with more than 61 percent of those undergoing a breast augmentation reporting more regular sexual activities following a procedure according to Linea Cosmetic Surgery. A further 34 percent of women reported an overall increase in satisfaction as they felt they had their surgically altered body had given them a more positive attitude towards their own body and relationships.

Empowering women is something Dr. Rajagopal has become an expert in as she believes an improved self-image can make major changes to the lives of women and men around the world. Despite many people believing breast augmentation having a positive effect on the lives of women in their personal lives it is possible for a business career to be positively affected by a positive change made to the body; a rising level of confidence can play a major role in developing a profitable business career as a confident person will perform better in all aspects of their life.

5 Keys to Digital Marketing in Healthcare

The Healthcare sector is one of the industries that will never run out of clients. However, it is important to note that people’s knowledge and access to healthcare services has been evolving.

Healthcare marketing used to be present only on traditional media such as TV commercials, radio advertisements and print. However, all businesses must learn to adapt to different marketing strategies–including those that involve digital media. How does the healthcare sector keep up with these trends? In this post, we will be discussing the 5 keys to digital marketing in healthcare.

5 Keys to Digital Marketing in Healthcare

1. Conveying Authenticity

Most consumers are already jaded with hypothetical claims, unnatural sell copies and all other traditional marketing strategies that used to work. People want testimonials and stories of real people, doctors who show that they care, and relatable stories that help them identify with the company and its constituents. An image that conveys genuine emotions, or video stories based on actual stories.

2. Visually engaging images

When we think of healthcare, we would always think of white coats, people in scrubs, and very pragmatic-looking logos in plain colors. These usual images that appear on healthcare adverts are very traditional and may just pass by a consumer’s attention. It is important to capture visually engaging images and video, though shot and edited professionally, should also be able to portray the company’s mission and vision. Use of bright yet warm tones, friendly and comfortable ambiance, as well as models who show clients the feeling of being “welcomed and cared for” are all important for digital marketing.

3. Blogging and SEO

Old healthcare websites may be tempted to just feature what their company is all about, place some contact details and feature their facilities and staff. However, it would almost be self-sabotaging if new healthcare companies would neglect the power of blogging. Blogging for the purpose of business drives traffic to a healthcare company’s website, which allows users to explore what the company is all about. Blogging about the latest news in health, trending topics, or question and answer portions, are all useful for healthcare companies to increase their exposure in search engines.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media has been one of the most powerful avenues of businesses to connect to their clients in a more personal way. Having accounts on the top social media platforms for business–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn–allows companies to connect with future clients who would otherwise not search for information through Google or other search engine websites. Healthcare companies would want to hire people who can give advice on social media account management such as Charles Lubbat . He offers startup healthcare companies strategies on how to improve their digital marketing strategies to reach as many customers as possible.

5. Demand Research

What do people usually need services in? What do people search for that is lacking in the healthcare sector? If a company can offer that service, it should be the highlight of the digital marketing campaigns. Cancer treatment is one of the health concerns that people would need most services in. Though there is a great demand, only a handful of healthcare centers offer satisfying treatments for others. When a company can focus on a need which they can offer, it should also be the key points seen in their advertisement. Demand research is highly important for healthcare companies desiring for growth.

In order to succeed in these key areas of Digital Marketing, it is important to consult a specialist. Charles Lubbat offers these services for startup companies for competitive quotations.