Of all the varied fields of medicine, psychiatry is undeniably one of the most difficult in which to work. The profession is incredibly challenging and doctors must consider a multitude of factors while determining a proper course of action as it relates to treatment. Care and compassion is part and parcel to psychiatric care, and Dr. Dana Sibilsky has shown throughout her long career in psychiatry that she is a capable and competent doctor who understands how to properly evaluate and treat her patients so that optimal care is consistently delivered.

In providing treatment to her patients, Dr. Sibilsky has worked diligently to ensure that the care she provides and the course of action she recommends is highly individualized according to the circumstances that are unique to each respective patient. This has resulted in patients who consistently praise the care they receive from Dr. Sibilsky, who has developed an outstanding reputation in the psychiatric community throughout her many years in the field. Drawing on her vast professional experience and varied educational background, Dr. Sibilsky has encountered and successfully treated an array of diverse psychiatric conditions over the course of her career.

Though she is as pragmatic as anyone in the field, patients have come to appreciate the personal care that Dr. Sibilsky has endeavored to consistently deliver. Known for her honest and up-front personality, Dr. Sibilsky has been lauded for her ability to adapt her approach based on the individual needs of each patient so that each session is a positive one that yields the type of psychiatric progress patients are seeking. Balancing compassionate therapy with appropriate prescriptive medical care, Dr. Sibilsky can cite countless success stories in which patients have experienced clear improvements resulting from the care provided through the doctor’s psychiatric practice.

North Georgia Psychiatry

After several years away from private practice spent working in emergency psychiatric care, Dr. Sibilsky returned to private practice recently by opening North Georgia Psychiatry. The private practice is able to provide patients in need of psychiatric care with the services they need through the highly personalized care that Dr. Sibilsky has become known for consistently delivering. The practice specializes in all manner of psychiatric care and is founded on the many principles that Dr. Sibilsky has developed over her many years in the field of psychiatry.

Upon her return to private practice, Dr. Sibilsky has acknowledged that she was drawn to private practice for a variety of reasons. Of these varied reasons, the ability to work with patients over an extended period of time held special appeal, as Dr. Sibilsky has noted that it is very rewarding to see the benefits of psychiatric care as patients continue on in treatment. She also noted that while she is very excited to open North Georgia Psychiatry, she already misses the many circumstances that are unique to emergency psychiatric care and medical administration.

Academic Background

Dr. Sibilsky has long had an interest in medicine and specifically the field of psychiatry that goes back to her days as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. After graduating from high school as one of the most decorated students in her class, Dr. Sibilsky immediately expressed an interest in medicine by declaring as a biology major while also working in the medical school located on the Ann Arbor campus. During her time as an undergraduate, Dr. Sibilsky enjoyed a great deal of academic success and was also able to participate in the medical school’s development of the first genetic tests designed for determining paternity.

Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, Dr. Sibilsky continued her academic career in the state of Michigan by choosing to attend Oakland University in Detroit while pursuing her graduate degree. Expressing a further interest in biology, Dr. Sibilsky studied microbiology and earned her master’s degree in the subject. After completing her degree in microbiology, Dr. Sibilsky then set off on an academic path that would lead to her present career in psychiatry.

Finally departing from the seemingly perpetual cold temperatures of Michigan, Dr. Sibilsky made her way to the Caribbean to enroll in medical school. Following two years at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Sibilsky again returned to her native state of Michigan in order to complete her medical degrees. She graduated from Wayne State University and was lauded for her work as chief resident at the school while being selected for the Outstanding Teaching Award. Now board-certified, fully credentialed and a master of psychopharmacology, Dr. Sibilsky made her first foray into private psychiatric practice.

Before North Georgia Psychiatry

As a board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Sibilsky began work in private practice and remained there for some time before an opportunity arose to explore emergency psychiatry. Curious about the role she could play in this aspect of the medical field, Dr. Sibilsky accepted the offer and spent the next few years working in emergency psychiatric care. She found the work incredibly rewarding and felt that she had found her true niche in the profession, but her efforts led to further recognition among her peers and she was offered the opportunity to serve as a medical director for what was the sole free-standing emergency clinic in the country at the time.

In her fours years as the medical director of the emergency clinic, Dr. Sibilsky was able to accomplish a great deal of good and made many changes to the policies and philosophies of the organization that helped to vastly improve operations. Despite enjoying overwhelming success as a medical director, Dr. Sibilsky still felt drawn to return to private practice and expressed a desire to move to an area where she could be closer to her family. This led to the opening of North Georgia Psychiatry, a practice that allows Dr. Sibilsky to help patients on an individual basis with the potential for long-term care, while also affording her plenty of opportunities to spend time with her family, particularly her three nieces.

Personal Information

As interesting as her academic background and psychiatric career may be, Dr. Sibilsky’s personal interests are as varied and unique as one could imagine. Aside from having been descended from someone who successfully dueled over Catherine the Great, Dr. Sibilsky has been known to dive deep into the water as well as high from the sky, being certified in scuba diving and having a great deal of experience in skydiving — including a near-fatal accident that fortunately only resulted in a broken humerus.

Though scuba diving and skydiving are more than enough for most people, Dr. Sibilsky is also well-versed in Krav Maga and has tested at the advanced level of the Israeli art of self-defense. She has also studied animal behavior and is GIA-certified in several different aspects of gemology. With interests as lofty and varied as these, it should come as no surprise that Dr. Sibilsky has also worked diligently in pursuit of her pilot’s license despite dealing with several setbacks, including the development of a bilateral internal ear infection that kept her grounded for several months during her training due to the impact on her sense of equilibrium.

Now returning to private practice after a long and successful career in psychiatric care, Dr. Sibilsky has expressed a great deal of excitement over the opportunity to offer the kind of highly personalized care that is typically only available through private practice. As an overarching philosophy, Dr. Sibilsky has clearly made every attempt to ensure that the practice’s efforts are guided solely by the best interests of each individual patient.

With so many years of experience in psychiatry and having such a varied medical background, observers have expressed confidence in the new facility while noting that Dr. Sibilsky is ideally suited for private psychiatric practice and has so much to offer patients who are in need of psychiatric care.