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How to Allergy Proof Your Home

Have you just learned that someone in your family has an allergy? Or are you finally trying to make the home environment that you’ve always known will be better for you or your child’s allergies? These steps from Dr. Summit Shah will help you to create a safe and healthy space, no matter what kind of allergy you are dealing with.

Step One: Make Sure That Everyone Is On The Same Page

Many people share their homes with others. Do you live with a husband, wife, children, or roommates? The first step is to hold a meeting. This can be as informal as a chat at the dinner table, or as formal as a scheduled pow-wow.

Talk to your care providers before holding your meeting so that you know what exactly is on the table. Specific allergies will call for specific actions. A person who is allergic to eggs, for example, might have a reaction to even the slightest egg residue on a pan. Providers like Dr. Summit Shah are available to help with this step.

Be intentional about holding a meeting that will get everyone on-board with your plan for creating an allergy proof home. Everyone in your home has to understand why you are allergy proofing the home, and what that will look like. All members of the household should agree to follow the rules that you come up with as a team.

This might mean that your husband doesn’t get to bring eggs home from the market for his favorite breakfast dish. Instead, he can stop for a breakfast burrito on his way to work, or come up with an alternative to cook at home! These minor tweaks are worth it as you work towards creating an allergen-free space.

Step Two: Change It Up

The next step is to take action and make the changes you have discussed. This might mean purging the kitchen of all things with your allergen listed on the ingredients, or it could mean getting rid of old carpeting or curtains. Start clearing your space of anything and everything that triggers the allergies that you want to prevent.

Step Three: Buy The Equipment

Now that you’ve purged, purchase the resources that you need. If your allergens are environmental and you live in a hot location, you might need to pick up an air conditioner. This could be little things too, like buying egg-replacer for your baking projects, or a new kind of nut-butter for the kid’s sandwiches. Get the supplies that you need so that the changes you have made don’t feel like losses. Your home will be different, and could even be better.

Step Four: Maintain A Healthy Environment

The last step is to keep your space healthy. Once you have made the big and necessary changes, this might feel easy. If you’ve gotten rid of carpeting and curtains to cut down on dust or mold, be sure to regularly clean your new hardwood floors. Remind children to wash their hands every time they enter the house. Guard your space so that the allergy proofing you have done can pay off.

A Simple Approach to Dietary Principles for Improved Health and Wellness

groza learning center_healthIt seems that there is rarely a day that goes by without someone mentioning a new diet they are trying in order to radically alter their overall health and wellness. Whether it is the Paleo Diet, the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet, the promises of increased energy levels or improvements in mood are often achieved through a strategy that is simply unsustainable over a long period of time. In some cases, the restrictions of the diet are simply too much to continue for more than a month or two, and, in others, the restrictions are such that a nutrient deficiency may eventually result if thediet is adhered to for too long.

Those looking to improve their health and wellness should adopt the kind of comprehensive approach used by the Groza Learning Center to educate and enlighten its students on a wide range of academic subjects. When it comes to improving health and wellness through dietary changes, it is absolutely critical that the changes made are the kind of changes that can last a lifetime.

Instead of an overly complex approach that may include eliminating entire food groups, the most effective approach is also very likely to be the most simple approach: Simply focus on unprocessed foods that can be found in the grocery store in the same way as they would be found in nature, and limit the consumption of foods that are overly processed to the point that their original form is no longer apparent.

Enjoy the Company of Others for Improved Health and Wellness

When discussing the methods in which an individual can improve their overall health and wellness, the most common issues to come up will undoubtedly be diet and exercise. This is not necessarily a bad thing of course, as engaging in regular physical activity while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet are certainly prime components of health and wellness. While diet and exercise are automatically brought into focus, improvements in overall health may also be possible through something as simple as companionship.

A recent study brought up by Tim DeCapua mentioned that social isolation may indeed be linked to an increased risk of developing a wide range of illnesses. The study focused on elderly adults who self-reported their feelings of social isolation, with researchers then comparing the level of isolation in each participant to the expression of certain genes associated with health and wellness. The results showed that greater levels of social isolation resulted in increases in inflammation and decreases in the effectiveness of defense mechanisms against viral infections, leading to the conclusion that social isolation may indeed be a major factor in significantly reduced health and wellness.

There is an obvious and simple solution to this issue that does not require costly medications or frequent trips to the doctor, as all that is necessary to improve the expression of the genes associated with ideal immune system function is companionship. So patients seeking to improve their overall health should not only consider how to improve their dietary habits and exercise routine, but should also consider how to improve their social lives as well. Tim DeCapua recommends an approach that solves several issues at once, suggesting that taking a group fitness class at a gym can help improve physical fitness while also increasing the opportunities for social interaction.

Have Health and Happiness Like Peter Lik

It’s no mystery or surprise that doing what makes you happy actually has a direct impact on your overall health. When you are happy, your brain releases hormones.

These hormones released improve your immune system functionalities and help prevent stress. It’s no wonder why someone who does what they love, such as master photographer Peter Lik, lives a long and happy life.

Bliss has been associated with better wellbeing, both in people and groups. A few studies have even recommended that conditions of satisfaction may be connected with lower anxiety.


Is your health failing?  What is the reason? Old Age? Disease? Obesity? Can you help yourself or are you hopeless? images (7) images (8) It will only change when you decide to change you life style.  Exorcise and diet are the key.  If you burn more calories than you take in you will lose weight.  If you exorcise regularly your endurance will improve and you will feel better.  If you don’t start you will never get to the goal.  Createurs De Luxe can help with the basics but you will have to provide the effort. The results will be directly proportional to the effort you put in.





Health Gone

Once your health is gone it will never be the same.  The damage that a major illness inflicts on the body will always be with you.  The body can recover but will always and forever be weak or damaged.  I blew a knee out thirty years ago and three surgeriesimages13T7JVO7 imagesQBLUB4FJ imagesEUO9XF3L later I still hurt.  The damage we do to our bodies will haunt us the rest of our lives.  Just keep that in mind when you are pushing exorcise beyond your bodies limit.  When it breaks you are done.  Luigi Wewege says that you should slow down and enjoy life.

Health and the Golden Years

untitled (60) untitled (59) untitled (58)The golden year are not what they are cracked up to be.  We work our whole life and save our money for retirement. Will we be healthy.  There is no guarantee.  In fact the chances are that you will not be able to retire because you have health issues and no insurance.  I think the best plan is to retire while you still are able to enjoy life.  I retired at fifty and traveled around the country.  I have no regrets.  We work camped and I did consulting work to make ends meet.  We were not rich but we lived a full life.  Grove OK DDS Karl Jobst can help you with your health goals.

Healthy Back

backpain2Do you have back pain?  Most people do at some time during their life.  What can be done to keep your back healthy?  I say a lot of it is inherited from you parents.  Once back problems begin they rarely leave without some intervention.  Surgery should be a last resort for those with chronic pain.  Physical Therapy can help some.  It didn’t help me.  My back hurts for no good reason.  I cant figure it out.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football layers have their share of back problems. Back problems are a major fun killer.  If it hurts to move then what fun can you have?  The next time you decide that you back is indestructible think again.

Running for Your Health

Out of all of the healthy exercise habits that you can adopt, running is undoubtedly one of the best for ensuring your long-term health. The benefits of running go far beyond just the number of calories burned, as this type of exercise strengthens your heart, your lungs and your musculoskeletal system, in addition to countless other benefits. While running is one of the best routines to adopt, it is also one of the most daunting, though it certainly does not have to be as hard as the translations completed by All Language Alliance, Inc.

The mistake that most aspiring runners make in starting a program relates to the belief that such a program should begin with actual running. Those who want to become runners should begin by walking on a regular basis in order to prepare the body for the rigors of running. Once a few weeks of walking have been completed, a running program that involves frequent walk breaks can begin. Eventually, continuous running can be adopted and the time and intensity can slowly increase. It is in this way that exercisers can reap the many rewards that running offers, including a stronger heart and a reduced likelihood of bone density loss in the future.

Doctors know best…some times. primary_care_physician As a nurse I would like to think that the doctor knows best but I have seen too many mistakes to just rely on them for everything.  If you have been misdiagnosed then you know what I am talking about.  If you need to go to the doctor, please do.  I am not saying that doctors are useless but you need to take care of what is going on in your life.  I am the victim of many disregarded warnings that the doctor doesn’t know the patient well enough to make a diagnosis.  The doctors these days have to rush you through t5o make a buck.  With Obama care sucking all the money out of the system I can understand.  Dove Medical Press can tell this story as well.