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Preparing Ahead with Survival Food Supplies

To live, you must eat, regardless of what’s happening in your environment. It’s imperative for humans to take meals even in the event of a natural disaster or any other form of emergency situation. Our bodies require food for strength and immunity. So, what survival foods would you take in case of an emergency? Where can you get survival food supplies? Here are some of the common survival foods.

Freeze-dried foods

You can use MREs (meals ready to eat) to survive a disaster. However, they’re not meant for every meal because it’s easy to get tired of them. Therefore, you can purchase them to serve as supplements to other foods. Freeze-dried products are easy to prepare. What’s more, they’re great sources of sustenance as well as energy. It would be wise to include freeze-dried fruits in your food stock. You can consider trail mixes that contain lots of dried fruits and nuts. They’re excellent sources of protein and glucose.

Canned products

Canned foods are among the most common survival foods. They’re usually pre-cooked before they’re put into cans. Just like freeze-dried products, canned goods are easy to prepare and serve. In fact, you can eat these foods straight out of the can. However, you need to check the expiry dates on the cans for your safety. Additionally, you should watch the food’s salt content. If you eat too much salt, you’ll need to drink a lot of water because the salt will dehydrate your body. Hence, it’s advisable to purchase foods with low sodium content. When buying canned food, be sure to add canned fruits and vegetables to your shopping list. These foods will help boost your immunity. Canned foods are readily available, and you can buy them from trusted online stores such as My Patriot Supply.


Not many people remember to store water for a crisis. Water is as important as food. An average human being can’t live for more than three days without water. Having enough water to drink and use for a week will improve your chances of survival. It’s recommended that you store a gallon of water for each person –per day. Keep in mind that water has multiple uses, which include basic cleanliness, cooking, bathing, wound cleansing and brushing teeth. Without water, you will have a hard time preparing freeze-dried foods. So, store lots of water. It’s never a bad idea to have plenty of bottled water in your refrigerator.

Dehydrated milk

You may not need milk during an emergency, but you baby will need some. To prepare powdered milk, you’ll need warm water. Milk will also come in handy if you need to eat cereal. Dehydrated milk is usually sold in cans or packets. Ensure you check the expiry date of dehydrated milk before buying or consuming it. The last thing you need during a disaster is a stomach upset. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Store your survival foods away from insects and rodent because they can contaminate the food, thereby causing food poisoning. Metal containers are good storage options for most foods. Having enough survival food will give you piece of mind.

Have Health and Happiness Like Peter Lik

It’s no mystery or surprise that doing what makes you happy actually has a direct impact on your overall health. When you are happy, your brain releases hormones.

These hormones released improve your immune system functionalities and help prevent stress. It’s no wonder why someone who does what they love, such as master photographer Peter Lik, lives a long and happy life.

Bliss has been associated with better wellbeing, both in people and groups. A few studies have even recommended that conditions of satisfaction may be connected with lower anxiety.


Living Healthy

If you don’t feel well what is the use of living.  You have to find a way to enjoy life so living healthy is a good plan. untitled (48) imagesME3HLVA0 If you are over weight the ability to walk through a park or swim across a stream are limited.  It is time to take control of your physical health to make this life worth living.  I would not make living in a gym a goal.  Try to find an exorcise that you enjoy.  Walking can work for all fitness levels.  Find a safe area that is beautiful to walk through.  Luke Weil is a walking fan.

Aging Healthy

It always surprises me when the interview a hundred year old and the ask what the secret is. imagesQG0J12X8 imagesUBTEXIUM They always say something dumb like I smoked all my life or I ate anything I ever wanted.  What are we to take away from that?  One said that the secret was that she never worked a day in her life.  OK, well I guess if we mooch and eat like a smoking pig we will live to be a hundred. I think the take away is that most people live long in spite of themselves due to heredity.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football players are invincible and think they will live forever.

Health Gone

Once your health is gone it will never be the same.  The damage that a major illness inflicts on the body will always be with you.  The body can recover but will always and forever be weak or damaged.  I blew a knee out thirty years ago and three surgeriesimages13T7JVO7 imagesQBLUB4FJ imagesEUO9XF3L later I still hurt.  The damage we do to our bodies will haunt us the rest of our lives.  Just keep that in mind when you are pushing exorcise beyond your bodies limit.  When it breaks you are done.  Luigi Wewege says that you should slow down and enjoy life.

How’s Your Health

How’s your health?  How can you tell.  There are all kinds of devices that you can buy that can help you answer that question.  A simple blood pressure cuff can tell you a lot.  The new watches can read your pulse and track your activity.  In the future will Doctors even be needed.  Will we just load out symptoms into a data base and be diagnoseduntitled (13) untitled (12) imagesDCMWWGXG right at home.  Will the sensors we have attached to our bodies eventually make changes to out body t correct problems.  Can the sensor tell a insulin pump how much to pump?  Joe Olujic is optimistic bout all this.

Healthy Back

backpain2Do you have back pain?  Most people do at some time during their life.  What can be done to keep your back healthy?  I say a lot of it is inherited from you parents.  Once back problems begin they rarely leave without some intervention.  Surgery should be a last resort for those with chronic pain.  Physical Therapy can help some.  It didn’t help me.  My back hurts for no good reason.  I cant figure it out.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football layers have their share of back problems. Back problems are a major fun killer.  If it hurts to move then what fun can you have?  The next time you decide that you back is indestructible think again.

Doctors know best…some times. primary_care_physician As a nurse I would like to think that the doctor knows best but I have seen too many mistakes to just rely on them for everything.  If you have been misdiagnosed then you know what I am talking about.  If you need to go to the doctor, please do.  I am not saying that doctors are useless but you need to take care of what is going on in your life.  I am the victim of many disregarded warnings that the doctor doesn’t know the patient well enough to make a diagnosis.  The doctors these days have to rush you through t5o make a buck.  With Obama care sucking all the money out of the system I can understand.  Dove Medical Press can tell this story as well.

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